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Ready and folded ride.

Ready and folded ride.

The fans of MTV’s  ingenious Pimp My Ride show can now liberate their inner rap master and pimp their own folded paper rides. With Foldify app for iPad, one can pimp also boxes and other figurines. However, as my boys and I fended off some flu infused haze, we opted for cars and buses.

You don’t need a garage filled with dude-types for these hot rods. You can paint with app’s brushes or use stamps that come with it. Every action you take in Foldify, is previewed in real-time 3D, without any delays or extra steps. Then you can print your figure using AirPrint or send as a PDF by e-mail. It is quite wonderful for the kids to use scissors and glue and hold the final 3D version in their hands. The app definitely develops spatial thinking and subsequent crafting helps with fine motor skills.

Quite honestly, after a while, I was tempted to bring the PDF to Photoshop and get those hubcaps spinning with real chrome. The stamps are limited and brushes a little clumsy. For now, I have resisted the temptation.

I used to subscribe to Wallpaper Magazine, the ultimate in cool for a while. I let the subscription go, however. Somehow I didn't fit to the highly specific target audience which seemed to consist of the leisure class of European hipsters. They had the money and time to, on the whim, check out some cool architectural detail of a mid century building in a village outside of Zürich. Or maybe they felt like spending a weekend in Istanbul just to sample some menu items of a restaurant that was so new it didn't even have a phone number yet. Avid Wallpaper readers were provided discreet directions, of course.

Bitterness aside, I'm now old, and not hip, and have two kids. I will never be part of that group (even though I would like to be and maybe was pretending to be at some point). And yes, I have done my share of interesting travel. As I desperately try to hold on to that life and plan ambitious vacations to Costa Rica, I may just have to fly to a family resort in Florida instead. Trekking in Kirgistan, or paragliding in Venezuela, or mountain biking in Thailand was great at the time, but not feasible any longer.

Every once in the while, I surf onto Wallpaper site to feel nostalgic, secretly cool and not so suburban. To my surprise Wallaper and I found a common interest: Helsinki! It was shortlisted for the best city category at their 2013 Design Awards. Wallpaper praised Helsinki's restaurant scene, design projects and future transportation plans. I have of course loved Helsinki for most of my life and seen its development from a provincial town to a more cosmopolitan design city that has great food. I have experienced one of my best meals ever at Luomo, for example. I didn't use the word eaten on purpose. Meal at Luomo is definitely an experience.

So, maybe this time I' managed to be a bit ahead of the hipster curve.