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OK, so you are at the Burning Man festival and a drone delivers a statue of you. Does that

  1. make you wonder what exactly was in those brownies you just shared with your fellow burners?
  2. mean you are participating in a prototype project for solving the last-mile delivery problem for instances such as dropping medical supplies after a natural disaster?
  3. mean your mother has finally managed to track you down to deliver the statue she created at her ceramics class.

For the answer:

Project: Blue Sky -- Indiegogo.






The lightness and texture of these thread installations by Gabriel Dawe are just amazing.

So, after checking out the usually interesting Barneys' jewelry section, I decided to venture up to the 8th floor to do some shopping at their Co-Op section. Both jewelry and clothing selections failed to inspire me. However, the lunch spot Genes was amazing.

The café is set up with one gigantic touch screen which also serves as a communal table. Each customer's place mat is a virtual menu. By simply tabbing on the screen you can add items to your order, call for a server or ask for a check. You can even browse and shop selected items from the store.

The vibe is simultaneously intimate and communal. It feels like a subway train where you are definitely together with your fellow travelers (shoppers), but can also immerse yourself to your iPad, or in this case your personal touch screen.

Oh, and the mildly oriental Grilled Chicken salad hit the spot also.













These artifacts are simply stunning and so inspiring!

From Their Graves, Ancient Nomads Speak -

People often ask me what is this 3D printing technology that I'm using. Lisa Haroumi demonstrated it wonderfully in the 2011 London TEDSalon. Please enjoy the excellent presentation.

A Primer on 3D Printing


I work alone most of the day. Interruptions come frequently and consist mainly of family members seeking attention. Sometimes I miss the social and collaborative aspect of creative team. Other times, I truly enjoy the creative freedom of an independent designer. Mainly, I would like to have a conversation that doesn't include words "mama",  "need" and "now". NY Times recently published an interesting analysis of introverts in corporate group environments. It didn't help me to resolve my dilemmas, but made me think. I think I can symphatize with Steve Wozniak, a brilliant introvert who missed sharing donuts with his co-workers.

 The Rise of the New Groupthink.