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Have you ever wanted to become the next Alvar Aalto or Le Corbusier? Do you have the next Eames plywood lounge chair in you, just no way to output it? Your dreams can become true sooner that you know. SketchChair is an open-source software tool that allows anyone to easily design and build their own digitally fabricated furniture.

SketchChair lets users design chairs using a simple 2d drawing interface, automatically generating the structure of a chair and testing its stability. Users can simulate sitting on a chair with a customisable figure of themselves, in order to test and refine the chair to ensure it will comfortably support them.

The software automatically generates cutting profiles for the chairs, which can then be used to make physical SketchChairs.  Using a cnc router, laser cutter or paper cutter, these parts can be cut from any suitable flat sheet material, and then easily assembled by hand.

On people will be able to send designs to an online digital manufacturing service such as to be cut, or alternatively could send them to a local community workshop or Fab Lab.  Or for the brave of heart, find your long lost jigsaw! The flat-pack and lightweight nature of the chairs makes shipping them affordable, providing an opportunity to a wide audience of people to get their own customised SketchChairs.

This is one of the most fascinating series of photographs, I've seen for a long time. And I've seen lot of them. Photographer Irina Werning painstakingly recreates the childhood photographs of subjects, sometimes decades after. Not only  does she travel to the exact location, she mimics the original style, film and outfits. Just the same, but more pounds and less hair. Amazing, nevertheless!


BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 2011 : Irina Werning - Photographer.

I can't believe it took me so long to find the beautiful music by Bon Iver. Their first album: For Emma, Forever Ago came out 2008. The latest self titled: Bon Iver, is even more beautiful (if that's possible). I can get happily lost in this brilliant album. No rush to find my way back to everyday.

Bon Iver.

I would love to be surrounded by white bright lights during the long winter months.My desk may see one of the rectangular boxes as soon as they become available. That may also inspire me to keep my work space more organized!

Artek White Collection: Interview with Ville Kokkonen - Core77.

Inventables is a source site for everything cool in the materials world. Product developers, researchers, artists, and inventors purchase products from the online store to build prototypes and test concepts. The geek in me can't wait to test some of them for jewelry and other products. Bendable Wood or Cork Fabric anyone?


Inventables: Find new materials.