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Click the picture above to explore the wonderful otherworldly kinetic mind of Anthony Howe. "A Kinetic Mind" movie by Elizabeth Rudge

The refreshingly simple artist’s statement that is the headline for this blog entry comes from the amazing sculptor Anthony Howe. His mesmerizing kinetic sculptures are made of sheet metal. Somehow  the movement caused by the gentle wind makes them also really organic. Some resemble a flower opening from the bud, some are like an ever moving ocean floor. Some reflect the nature around them from dozens of tiny mirrors.

Howe builds the pieces using traditional metalworking techniques, but the elements are first  conceived with different CAD programs which command a laser cutter.

Mr. Howe worked first as a painter, but then got “bored with everything being static in my visual world”. I’m so glad for that boredom.

Here's a link to another  Anthony Howe interview.


Bank of America Small Business Community is a great resource for small business owners. They just went live with a really nice article about 3D printing and design. I got to comment and explain how I use 3D printing in jewelry design. It is a good read that really makes the process easier to understand.

Read the article here.

OK, so you are at the Burning Man festival and a drone delivers a statue of you. Does that

  1. make you wonder what exactly was in those brownies you just shared with your fellow burners?
  2. mean you are participating in a prototype project for solving the last-mile delivery problem for instances such as dropping medical supplies after a natural disaster?
  3. mean your mother has finally managed to track you down to deliver the statue she created at her ceramics class.

For the answer:

Project: Blue Sky -- Indiegogo.

People often ask me what is this 3D printing technology that I'm using. Lisa Haroumi demonstrated it wonderfully in the 2011 London TEDSalon. Please enjoy the excellent presentation.

A Primer on 3D Printing


Inventables is a source site for everything cool in the materials world. Product developers, researchers, artists, and inventors purchase products from the online store to build prototypes and test concepts. The geek in me can't wait to test some of them for jewelry and other products. Bendable Wood or Cork Fabric anyone?


Inventables: Find new materials.