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Recently, I got an assignment to create custom work for two music teachers. Personalized and reasonably priced were the only guidelines. Otherwise I was given free rein and let my creativity go wild. Well, not that wild, but I had fun. The obvious choice for custom personalized jewelry was to create 3D models and then get them 3D printed.

In the picture above, you can the see cufflinks for a piano teacher with initials TH. Each letter is surrounded by two octaves of miniature piano keys. The material is silver plated polished brass.


The other piece was a pendant for a viola teacher. It had to be delivered as soon as I got it from the service bureau, so the picture below is a rendering. On the note lines you can see the alto clef which is also called viola clef because it's often used with viola music. Also the notes, D and G, represent her initials. This pendant was made with 18K plated polished brass.




The editor at MJSA Custom Jeweler called for an interview about my business insights and advice. At first, I thought I have nothing to say. Really, I should be selling a lot more jewelry than I do now. Turns out, I have a lot to say. People even commented on the story at the recent industry conference, MJSA ConFab.

See the digital edition here

Download the PDF here


Lately, I have been deepening my knowledge of both Rhino 3D modeling program as well as the rendering plug-in Brazil. With this combined technology I can create highly detailed and realistic representations of my 3D models. This non-commercial chess set project  proved to be a great practice ground for testing different materials, lightnings and environments. Instead of the traditional chess pieces, I decided to recreate some iconic mid-century(ish) Scandinavian chairs and use them as chess pieces. The project is also a tribute to the architects and designers, I so love; Verner Panton, Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto, Eero Aarnio and Eero Saarinen. The whole set if, of course, just a concept. Still, I just want to pick-up one of those little tulip stools and start playing.

Chess set with mid-century modern chairs as chess pieces.

Chess set with mid-century modern chairs as chess pieces.